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Our Philosophy

Product design firms are a dime a dozen. They are everywhere and they all have one shared problem. The vast majority of the products they design never actually make it to shelves; that is where we are trying to do things differently.

At Palo Alto Innovation, we work on products that we know are going to succeed. Because of this, we try and focus on the practical and proven products without reinventing new technology. We respect and appreciate when companies want to design something brand new, revolutionary and expensive, but we have found success developing for the other end of the market. Here at PAI, we design our own products in parallel and can leverage that success for your projects.

If you have never developed a product before, take it from us, it’s not easy. While being incredibly rewarding, product design come with it’s challenges. If you have a project with a strong vision and clear path to market, our team is ready to help you fill in the blanks, figure out the details, push it out the door, and make your vision a reality . Our goal is to sell your products from from the same warehouse as our own products, we want you to succeed!

If you are looking to design a product and are ready emotionally and financially, let’s talk! Shoot us an email and we can get the process started.
We are here to help!

Industrial Design

A product should be designed so that it not only appeals to the user, but so that it also functions well. After all, your target user not only buys the product, they use it too! Designing for manufacturability is what sets us apart from the rest. Other design firms tend to require a hand off to a 3rd party company to help them make their designs manufacturable. We take ideas, explore them through concept sketches, prototypes, and CAD to develop them into final products that are ready to be manufactured. We can even design for cost reduction from the start.
In addition, we offer manufacturing guidance, packaging design, and e-commerce so you’ll be ready to sell.
Services offered:
  • Research (including market analysis)
  • Ideation
  • Design language (style boards)
  • Concept sketches (exploration, development, and refinement)
  • Form studies & prototypes
  • Surface modeling
  • Material, color and finish studies
"At the end of the day, it needs to be possible for the product to be manufactured or else it won't ship."

Mechanical Engineering

Want a functioning product? Then you need some mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering takes the surface design that the industrial designer creates and turns them into 3D CAD (computer aided design). From this CAD file you can 3D print or move your product into the next stage of the process.
What sets us apart here? Just like our designers, manufacturability is the #1 concern for our engineers. We are always thinking about how things will be made, and at the most reasonable price. When you have a product designed and engineered at PAI you know that it has the potential to be made the right way.
Services Offered:
  • CAD (Solidworks)
  • FEA (finite element analysis)
  • Mechanisms
  • DFM (design for manufacturing)
  • Internal structure and assembly
  • Prototyping
  • Thermal analysis
  • Production Drawings
“Just because you can come up with any idea in the world, sketch it out on paper, take it into CAD, and even 3D-print it, doesn't mean that the plastic part can be injection molded"

Electrical Engineering

What would a design firm in Silicon Valley be without some electrical engineering? We have worked on wireless IOT products, networking products, power supplies, music products etc. Our electrical guys can do it from start to finish here as well, from an idea in your head to a finished and tested circuit board with running firmware.
We also offer software and app services if you need a product that requires a smartphone or computer application. Products that contain electrical parts tend to be larger and more expensive than those without, so make sure you have a team that knows what they are doing before you start.
Services offered:
  • PCB design
  • IOT
  • Wearables
  • Wireless & Bluetooth
  • DSP
  • Battery management and power consumption
  • Layout
"We want to solve everyday problems, in places so commonplace no one has bothered to look."

Manufacturing Support

You’ve gotten to the manufacturing stage! Well done! The majority of projects and readers fizzle out by now. If you have gotten this far, you really need to make sure you finish. While we don’t offer these services in-house, we can be help you through the incredibly difficult process of getting your project made. This includes finding a contract manufacturer, getting quotes, First article (T1) review, making tool changes, quality inspection, and logistics.
"You have to actually make something, isn't that the point of all of this?"


Once you have manufactured product, you have to sell it! We recommend setting up an e-commerce site to effectively sell your product. We have a myriad of services we can recommend for this and would love to set you up with a great solution. If you’d like to sell your product on Amazon, we can help you there as well.
Services offered:
  • Online store
  • Shipping
  • Fulfillment
  • Website design
  • Amazon
  • Logo development
  • Graphic design
  • Newsletters
"What's the point of making a product if you can't sell it?"

3D Printing Services

There is no better way to prototype a product than with a 3D printer. We have a couple of them here at PAI and some of the things we have made with them are pretty amazing.

Interested in 3D printing something for your own project on our printers? Click below to get an instant quote from 3D Hubs or send us an email at:

Our fleet of printers:
Stratasys 260VS
The most accurate printer in the PAI fleet. This poly-jet printer has a super high resolution that makes it great for doing organic shapes and designs. The parts tend to be brittle and can warp, but for a prototype they are perfect. This printer also has water soluble support so it can make some pretty crazy shapes that other printers can't.
Markforged Mark Two
This printer can print carbon fiber! Well, actually you can embed layers of carbon fiber in between layers of super durable nylon. This print is good for making functional and durable parts that require strength.
Markforged Onyx One
Image result for markforged onyx one
This print is very similar to the Mark Two, but it doesn't have the second extruder capable of doing anything with fiber. Instead this printer prints with a special nylon called "Onyx". Onyx is nylon with tiny pieces of chopped up carbon in it, it's super strong!
Formlabs Form 2
Our newest printer, the Formlabs Form 2 is an SLA printer capable of printing in multiple different materials. This printer cures resin with a laser layer by layer until you have a part.

Some of the cool things we have printed: