Press - Sandman Doppler



"An Alexa-enabled alarm clock feels like the perfect nightstand gadget."


"It's no secret that waking up on time is essential, but how you do it can make a big difference."



"It also has shortcut buttons for your favorite Alexa commands and macros"


"This is the smart alarm clock you need to make your mornings more bearable"


"Doppler has developed an intriguing alarm clock solution that certainly stands out from the competition."


"Sandman Doppler combines the design of a classic digital alarm with smart features."


"Over the years we've seen various attempts to reinvent the humble alarm clock, from one that wakes you with an electric shock, another that literally runs away from you, and one that wafts your favorite scent into the air as you wake up. The Sandman Doppler eschews such gimmicks in favor of some features that most people will actually find pretty useful."



" alarm clock that makes whatever dated appliance you have at home seem downright inconvenient."


"Evidently, a lot of people out there hate their alarm clocks enough to take a chance on a [...] wizard like this, since it’s already nearly tripled its fundraising goal with almost a month left to go."


"Sandman’s Alexa-infused Doppler slumber buster"



"Start every morning off right when you have the Sandman Doppler Smart Alarm Clock"


"What’s better than a regular alarm clock? Maybe a smart one that combines with Amazon Alexa to better serve you."


"...why not have something that can do more than just wake you up?"


"I just saw the most amazing voice-controlled alarm clock called the Sandman Doppler that made me drool with desire"


"...a stylish and functional piece of home décor, adding to the interior design of your bedroom while allowing you to check the time at a moment’s glance."


"It’s hard to get excited about an alarm clock... what makes the Sandman Doppler a step above your usual alarm clocks, though, is its full Alexa integration"


"The Sandman Doppler really does have every aspect covered to make you the best morning person you could ever be."


"Are you ready to wake up and appreciate your alarm clock for once?"


"It’s an Alexa-enabled alarm clock on steroids."


"Amazon Alexa connectivity has become a popular functionality for consumer devices of all kinds, which is what makes the 'Sandman Doppler' Alarm Clock a winner for those who are looking for the latest features."


"You can also swap out three regular USB ports and get three USB-C ports... I haven’t heard of another smart product that has this feature and think this is a must have for today’s ever changing technology."


"And there’s no fiddling around trying to set the alarm function, just ask Alexa to wake you at your chosen hour."


"The alarm is equipped with acoustically and digitally tuned stereo speakers, so the music quality is better than good"


" can voice-control your life from bed."


"Thanks to Amazon’s Alexa technology, this must-have device is bringing the alarm clock into 2017"


"The Sandman Doppler is the world’s best alarm clock!"


"I can't believe it has 6 USB charging ports 😍"


"Alarm clocks are a great place to charge all your devices."