Press - Sandman Clock



"If the people you work with are constantly sending "Be there soon, got a late start!" type e-mails, they probably desperately need this Sandman Clock..."



"12 Surprisingly Smart Gadgets for the True Techie Elite"


"The Sandman Clock is a modern take on the often overlooked alarm clock."


"Best Tech Products of CES"


"[The Sandman Clock] buys you time and space because you don't have to unplug other appliances to keep four devices charged or plug in four wall chargers!"


"...PAI has a winner with the Sandman."


" is an awesome replacement to my last alarm clock."


"After years of relying on our phones for a morning wake-up call, we’d forgotten how nice it was to check big, honking red numbers in the middle of the night."


"Trouble is, not everyone is necessarily interested in the uber version of the one thing. What about all those people who just want the one thing to work well, period?"


"It's a pretty cool product!"


"The simple, yet thoughtful, design blends into any décor and could work just as well in an office, kitchen, living room, or anywhere else you find yourself needing more places to charge devices."


"[PAI]'s new product was one a lot of CES attendees would have wanted in their hotel rooms."


"It is refreshing to get a device that is simple and does the job.  My kids do not need a super expensive clock radio.  The Sandman digital clock allows them to have the responsibility of getting up to an alarm while charging their devices.  Simple.  Inexpensive.  Reliable."


"Something EVERY traveler needs."


"The Sandman clock from Palo Alto Innovation is quite the cool gadget."


"One of the problems with our modern way of life is we have way too many devices to charge."


"By offering 4 USB ports, the Sandman Clock kind of eliminates all your problems."


"...a way to charge multiple devices at once with a sleek-looking
alarm clock..."


"Sleep with a plethora of tech gadgets within arms reach? Then the Sandman Clock can probably help clean up the power strip on or next to your bedside table."


"With the amount of gadgets each of us tend to have these days, ranging from phones and tablets all the way to GoPros and gaming controllers, most of us know the pain of not having enough sockets or charging our devices in different rooms."


"Never wake up to a dead smartphone again when you have the Sandman 4-Port USB Charging Alarm Clock."


"If you’re looking for a nighstand and bedside cable management solution, look no further than Palo Alto Innovations’ Sandman."


"The Sandman Clock features a clean design aesthetic."


"The Sandman Clock does not intend to bring more of the same old, same old, as it re-imagines the classic alarm clock – to function in the modern twenty-first century."