About Us

We created Palo Alto Innovation with the goal of making the world a better place, one gizmo at a time. We got tired of thinking, why doesn't that exist? So we decided to create those products ourselves. We start by identifying a problem that people have in their lives and then design a way to solve it elegantly, efficiently and easily.

We decided early on to make a conscious effort to focus on the simple and common problems to help make life better. Because of this philosophy we avoid trying to design the pair of jeans that makes everyone's butt look like JLo’s, or the cell phone that has infinite battery life. While these problems might be solvable (and are obviously important), we aren't going to tackle them. Instead, we will spend time figuring out a better way to charge your cellphone or drink that bottle of wine.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, our small and tight knit team is surrounded by some of the most intelligent and innovative people in the world. We aim to utilize some of that genius, taking them away from designing self driving cars, and have them focus on making the world a better place through simple, elegant gadgetry.  

We all love to work on cool stuff and can't wait to share our creations with the world!

Do you have a great product idea that you think should become a reality? Shoot us an email at ideas@paloaltoinnovation.com to submit your idea to our queue. We will give credit where credit is due and perhaps give you a slice of the profits when your idea becomes a reality.

Thanks for stopping by!