3D Printing

There is no better way to prototype a product than with a 3D printer. We have a couple of them here at PAI and some of the things we have made with them are pretty amazing.


Interested in 3D printing something for your own project on our printers? Click below to get an instant quote from 3D Hubs or send us an email at: 3d@paloaltoinnovation.com


Our fleet of printers:

 Stratasys Eden 260VS

 The most accurate printer in the PAI fleet. This Poly-jet printer has a super high resolution that makes it great for doing organic shapes and designs. The parts tend to be brittle and can warp, but for a prototype they are perfect. This printer also has water soluble support so it can make some pretty crazy shapes that other printers can't. 

Markforged Mark Two

This printer can print carbon fiber! Well, actually you can embed layers of carbon fiber in between layers of super durable nylon. This print is good for making functional and durable parts that require strength! 

Markforged Onyx One

This print is very similar to the Mark Two, but it doesn't have the second extruder capable of doing anything with fiber. Instead, this printer prints with a special nylon called "Onyx". Onyx is nylon with tiny pieces of chopped up carbon in it, it's super strong! 


Our newest printer, the Formlabs Form 2 is an SLA printer capable of printing in multiple different materials. This printer cures resin with a laser layer by layer until you have a part.

Some cool things we have printed: