Introducing The Sandman Clock, our first product

by Alex Tramiel June 09, 2015

Everyone at Palo Alto Innovation is super excited to share our first Product with you. The Sandman Clock!

A clock? Really?

Yup, we wanted our first product to be something incredibly simple and useful. So we spent a couple months working on a simple clock with 4 USB ports in the back charge a bunch of your devices. We are incredibly happy with what we have come up with, and we hope you will be too!

But why a clock?

While the Sandman's primary function is the tell the time, it also has 4 USB ports in the back to recharge your phone at night. We noticed that an increasing amount of devices have terrible battery life, and the vast majority of these devices are charged by a simple USB port. So we designed a clock that looks great anywhere you need 4 USB ports and want to know the time. 

Why Kickstarter?

We are launching the Sandman on Kickstarter for a couple reasons, the first and most important reason is a sanity check for ourselves. Have you ever had a great idea that was instantly shot down by your friends? I know it happened to me last night when I suggested a place to get some dinner. While we think Sandman is very useful and innovative, we wanted to verify this assumption with the general public before wasting our time on a product that nobody really wanted. Kickstarter allows us to do this relatively safely and accurately. The second main reason is we get a community of people supporting our idea that can give us valuable feedback on our product. I think this will be invaluable to us, and our supporters get to influence the product they purchased. Lastly is the ability to take preorders of our product before it is finished, allowing us to tailor our production accurately to our first orders and provide funds for engineering and tooling.  

How can I buy one? How does this Kickstarter thing work? 

Head over to our Kickstarter page and choose one of the rewards on the right hand side. Then when our funding period ends (and we are successful) your credit card will be charged and we will be sending out a survey confirming all your details. We will be sending detailed updates to everyone, before you know it you'll have your very own Sandman!



-The Palo Alto Innovation Team 

Alex Tramiel
Alex Tramiel


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